Finally! Pokemon au for Sherlock! Only took me two months ah hahahahaha

It’s one of the stories I had for that Sherlock au fanbook I’m working on. This thing took so long I had time for a lot of headcanon stuff to develop.

Stuff like:

  • Sherlock’s inability to form a bond with any pokemon (until Gengar)
  • The guy in the photo is Sherlock’s great grand uncle on his mother’s side
  • The Holmes family specializes in fire type
  • The Gengar’s name used to be Unknown but Sherlock changed it to Bill
  • Sherlock has been modifing pokeballs to have a higher capture rate

That’s all I can recall right now. Anyways now I can move on to drawing the rest of that fanbook. Hopefully it’ll be finished before Christmas…orz

Edit: Also there’s no dialogue for this story.

Go home everyone, this person won my heart. This is brilliant~!

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By the Amazing artist  aida

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By the Amazing artist  aida

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“This is a tough case!”

I like that Holmes and Watson are very active at night which in world of Miyazaki Hayao! 

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I see this as the point John just looks at Sherlock, nods to himself that he thinks Sherlock’s hot, then stops, thinking

“Shit. I’m gay.”

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I got into the habit of drawing people like muppets… and… I…

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