the name is Nicole, but you can call me Nikki. to whomever follows me, thank you! i also like anime and cute girls wearing yukata very much

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「ハピネスチャージプリキュアでキュアラブリー」/「ユウズィ お仕事頑張るっしゅ!」のイラスト [pixiv]

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Mr. Needlemouse in Cavalcade to Chaos! by jongraywb

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     I really wish people on this site would stop speaking on behalf of the Sami culture. I am Sami. I was born and raised in Norway (Where Frozen takes place.) I know alot of other Sami people. I am white and blonde. I look like Kristoff. Most of my Sami friends are also white. We are white. When people say that Disney “fucked up” by making Kristoff white because “they aren’t white” it hurts me because I am and a lot of other people are too.
    Most of my Sami friends- most Sami that I know, actually (Not that I’m speaking for everyone, just from my experience living in Norway and growing up around other Samis) loved this movie. I LOVE that they had a Sami composer come in to do the intro. I LOVED all the little references to our culture. I didn’t feel “cheapened” or “appropriated” or whatever people are trying to say. Our own president, Aili Keskitalo, LOVED the movie. The movie is going to be shown at Skábmagovat, a Sámi movie festival in Finland. Most of us (from what I’ve gathered) really liked this movie.
    You all tell white, straight, cis people to “check their privilege” and to “not speak on behalf of PoC,” but so many people who are not of my culture are speaking on behalf of us and I find it very hypocritical. Most of you had never even heard of the Sami culture until this film. 
    So please. Put down the virtual pitchforks and just enjoy the movie. 

theRE IT IS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Realistic Animal Crossing Characters :3

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