the name is Nicole, but you can call me Nikki. to whomever follows me, thank you! i also like anime and cute girls wearing yukata very much

female | INFP Gemini-Cancer cusp


hi, i’m twenty years old and was born and raised Deaf. i find joy in making people smile, though i can be a quiet person. sorry about that if it happens, it’s nothing personal! speaking of friends, i’m always happy to befriend people. i like to think of myself as easy-going and flexible

i like lots of things that include anime, manga, Studio Ghibli, video games (usually RPGs), comics and last but not the least, Sherlock and a couple of other TV shows (i have a bad tendency of falling behind with shows). i love to try new things and broaden my interests!!

feel free to chat with me through Asks or Skype (although I don’t use Skype very often as it is). i apologize in advance if i seem awkward. i also apologize for not always tagging my blogs